What's Our Sutra?

Sutra ( /su:tr ): (Sanskrit) A rule or an aphorism – A formula

Healthy Food – Healthier Living is our sutra. Our formula for a healthier lifestyle is simple. A nutritious and a well-balanced diet are essential for a healthy body. Healthy food helps keep our mind sharp, body active and promotes a healthier lifestyle.

A sedentary lifestyle and changing food habits have led to an increased incidence of lifestyle diseases like Type 2 Diabetes, heart disease, obesity etc… We believe that going back to our traditional foods like Millets would help us fight these diseases. Millets are highly nutritious and delicious grains that are native to India. High in fibre, protein, vitamins and minerals and low in fat, these grains were the staple foods for our ancestors.

We help people eat nutritious and delicious indigenous foods by providing these foods in a convenient form.

Why Health Sutra?

Health Sutra is a new and exciting way to healhty eating and a healthier lifestyle. All our products are made from nutritious and indigenous ownder grains - Millets.

For the first time in India, Health Sutra brings you the nutritional goodness of millets like Jowar in the form of tasty and easy-to-make foods. These products are gluten free, free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, and are available at affordable prices. They are the most convenient way to enjoy the nutrition of healthy and traditional grains like Jowar.

Full of nutrition that’s good for you, Jowar, is an Indian grain. It evolved in India over thousands of years. It is Our Grain. Unlike Oats/ Quinoa, it’s not imported. Rich in Complex Carbohydrates, β Glucans, Dietary Fibre, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous, this magic millet is the desi way to stay fit. Its gluten free too!

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Millets - Healthy Food - Sustainable Agriculture

To quote one of the great doctors of ancient Indian Ayurveda, Maharishi Vagbhata, 95% of all diseases originate from our stomach. Hundreds of years later, this statement particularly holds true in our times. Consuming foods that contain too much sugar, fats and cholesterol combined with very little physical exercise led to an increased incidence of lifestyle diseases. Over time, people have started to realize that the source of the problem lies in the food we eat.

Switching over to healthier foods that provide us with the right kind of nutrition would be a right first step towards a healthier lifestyle. Healthy foods need not mean Oats, quinoa etc.. These grains are imported and are not native to our country. Eating grains that evolved in our country and are more suited to our bodies would help you get fit and stay active.

Millets are wonder grains and have evolved in our country over thousands of years. They are the Desi way to stay fit.

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