Combating lifestyle ailments, the millets way
The term ‘lifestyle ailments’ is an umbrella term for all the complaints and disorders caused by a fast-paced and sedentary lifestyle. The world has grown smaller, we have grown more sophisticated and yet, all this is costing us the most precious gift in life, health!

Foxtail millets and their little-known benefits
In this fast-paced life, a healthy diet swap takes the utmost priority for your physical and mental wellbeing. Among various nutritious foods, millets have an upper hand. If you have to choose one, Foxtail millet is one of the healthiest millets popularly used in Southern India and its numerous health benefits cannot be ignored. Besides keeping you fit physically, foxtail millets work like magic on the nervous system. With growing mental ailments and mental health issues, it is important more than ever to make millets like foxtail a part of your everyday meals.

What’s a healthier choice - Rice or Millets?
Here’s something to think about. Rice is a staple food in India, especially in the South. However, over the years we can see a downwards trend in the preference towards rice. The reason being, polishing rice. While unpolished rice is an excellent source of carbohydrates, coupled with B12 and dietary fibre, polished rice now ranks high only in fast burning carbohydrates.

Millets - Not just a diet fad!
Consciousness about health is on the rise amongst Indians and that’s a piece of good news! Fast-paced culture, work and urban lifestyle stress and limited to attention to a balanced diet have been linked to the rise of lifestyle-based disorders in the current generation.

A balanced approach to weight management
Have you put on those extra kilos during the lockdown? Binge-watching those favourite series and movies that silently led you to the habit of binge-eating? Well, Instead of opting for a strict diet that neither provides the optimum nutrient requirement nor ideally helps to shed those extra kilos, wouldn’t it be easier and rather healthier to switch to an alternative?

Make your breakfast healthier with Mille
Breakfast, the first meal of the day, ought to be nutritious and power-packed with energy and minerals. With tight schedules planned for the day, it is challenging to plan a breakfast that meets all the health requirements.