Reimagining Indigenous Foods - Reimagining Millets

Health Sutra is a new and exciting way to healthy eating and a healthier lifestyle. All our products are made from nutritious and indigenous wonder grains - Millets.

For the first time in India, Health Sutra brings you the nutritional goodness of millets like Jowar in the form of tasty and easy to make foods. These products are gluten free, free from preservatives and artifical ingredients, and are available at affordable prices. They are the most convenient way to enjoy the nutrition of healthy and traditional grains like Jowar.

Fun, Tasty and healthy products from traditionally healthy, ancient and indigenous grains - Millets. GLuten free, free from preservatives and artificial ingredients, Health Sutra products are available at affordable prices.

Skip Oats/Quiwa - Go Desi - Try Health Sutra Millet Products

Millets are the desi way to stay fit. Wondeful in nutrition, millets are proven to be healthy dietary choices and were staple foods of our ancestors. Health Sutra aims at bringing back millets on to the plates of every houshold. Tasty and indigenous products that bring back diversity on to our plates.

Our Millets