Millets - Not just a diet fad!

Consciousness about health is on the rise amongst Indians and that’s a piece of good news! Fast-paced culture, work and urban lifestyle stress and limited to attention to a balanced diet have been linked to the rise of lifestyle-based disorders in the current generation.
Food options that are available are also of low-quality, artificially grown and manufactured, is affecting the Urban Indian lifestyle further.

Consequently, diet fads have become very popular. With more urban population pushing towards healthier lifestyle changes, many options for healthy-eating have emerged.
Millets are also becoming widely popular as one of the health food options. Here is where we digress with popular opinion. Millets are not just a diet fad.

To term Millets as yet another diet fad does a great deal of injustice to the cereal crop that was once the backbone of the Indian diet. Historically, Millets were amongst the first agricultural crops grown in the Indian subcontinent. Foxtail Millet, Ragi and Amaranth, as well as Sorghum were included in the diet of the Indus Valley Civilization as well.

Getting back to the roots: the Indian way!

While most diet fads rest on the sole concept of weight management, Millets are all about overall health and fitness. Millets are of many kinds like foxtail, ragi, finger millet etc. With so many types already available, each millet variety brings a wholesome diet to everyone’s plate.

So, If you are making a conscious choice of going for a sustainable lifestyle change, then introducing millets into your regular diet is one of the easiest steps.

Energy and vitality to easy digestion and better ingestion, millets can help your body face the challenges posed by the modern lifestyle. Be it Ragi, Foxtail or Finger millets, every variety of Millets has a unique benefit that will help you in the journey towards better health!