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Pearl Millet

Foxtail Millet

Little Millet

Finger Millet

millets - healthy food - sustainable agriculture

Millets are hardly small-seeded grasses that grow well in dry and high temperature conditions as rain fed crops. They grow well even under marginal conditions of soil fertility and moisture. Some of the millets are

Millet Hindi Tamil Telugu Kannada Malayalam
Sorghum Jowari Cholam Jonna Jola Cholum
Pearl Bajra Kambu Sajja Sajje Kambam
Foxtail Kangni Tenai Korra Navane Thina
Finger Mandua/Ragi Kelvargu Ragulu Ragi Koovarugu
Little Kutki Samai Sama Same Chama
Kodo Kodra Varagu Arikelu Harka Koovaragu
Proso Barri Panivaragu Varigalu Baragu

Millets are highly nutritious and delicious wonder grains that grow in out country. They are one of the oldest foods known to humans and have evolved inour country over thousands of years. High in fibre, Protein, rich in micro nutrients and low in fat, they were the staple foods of our ancestors. Consumption of nutritious grains like millets gave them the energy to do even heavy physical work without fatigue and kept them fit and active. From the 1960s, 70s , thanks to Public Distribution Scheme (PDS) and green revolution, Paddy (rice) and wheat have pushed these healthier grains into the background have made these grains a poor man's food.

healthy food

Millets are amazing in nutrition. Most Millets are low in fat. They are Gluten free. They have great nutritional properties and add diversity to our plates.

Ragi - Finer Millet has the highest Calcium value among grains know to man.

Fight hunger pangs and maintain blood cholestrol levels. Used as stamina food by athletes.

Millets require 80 - 90% less water to grow than rice. Normal rainfall is enough.

They are pest free - need no fertilizers and chemicals to grow.

Millets promote crop rotation, help pulses grow and make farmers independent. They are ready for harvest in as little as 65 days and have a strong storage life.

jowar - the magic millet

Full of nutrition that's good for you, Jowar, is an Indian grain. It evolved in India over thousands of years. It is OUR GRAIN. Unlike Oats/Quinoa, its not imported. Rich in Complex Carbohydrates, β Glucans, Dietary Fibre, Calcium, Magnesium and Phosphorous, this magic millet is the desi way to stay fit. Its gluten free too.