Ready to Eat - Jowar Pops

Jowar Pops

Fun - Tasty - Healthy

Guilt Free Anytime Snack

Alternative To PopCorn

Yummy, full of flavor and gluten free - Jowar Pops are awesome minisized bites. These are tastier, crunchier and healthier than popcorn. Also, they do not contain any preservatives or artificial ingredients. Rich in nutrients and available in multiple flavors, these minipops are a perfect guilt free snack for anytime/any mood.

Ready to Cook - Jowar Porridge

Jowar Porridge

Healthy, Tasty and easy to cook products

Help fight lifestyle diseases

Alternative to Oats/Masala Oats

For the first time in India, an easy to make breakfast.dinner made from fresh Jowar, real dehydrated vegetables, choicest masalas and low sodium - rock salt. Jowar Porridge can be prepared in boiling water and needs no oil to make. It is fiber rich, low fat, contains natural ingredients, and is a healthier alternative to Oats, Masala Oats and Wheat. Health Sutra's instant Jowar Porridge keep you away from hunger pangs for a longer time.

Staples - Jowar Flakes/Rawa

Jowar Rawa

Diabetic Friendly Products at a budget price

Alternative to Oats/Rice Flakes/Wheat Rawa

Health Sutra - Jowar Flakes give you the wonderful nutritional values of the Indian grain - Jowar in a simple and easy to cook flaked form. Free from preservatives, additives and flavors of any kind, these Jowar Flakes can be had with milk as an alternative to plain Oats. Dishes like Chudwa/Chiwda, Poha, Upma etc., can also be prepared in an instant.

Jowar Porridge

Available In

  • Classic Carrot
  • Tangy Tomato
  • Rich in dietary fibre, slow burning carbohydrates and low in fat, Jowar Porridge helps regulate your digestive system and fight lifestyle diseases
  • Jowar Porridge has low calories and keeps you away from hunger for a longer period of time (Upto 4 hrs)
  • The fastest way to cook Jowar - Ready in 3 min. No more hassles of making Jawari Roti and Rice. Can be cooked like Poha/Upma/Porridge
  • Low sodium - Rock salt used instead of sea salt for added health benefits
  • No artificial ingredients or flavouring agents used. Tested for pesticide residues

Nutritive Information

Tangy Tomato

Energy 344.4 Kcal
Protein 10g
Dietary Fiber 9.8
Total Carbohydrate 73.4g
Total Fat 1.2g
MUFA & PUFA 1.0g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholestrol 0g
Sodium 179mg
Calcium 133mg

Classic Carrot

Energy 360.4Kcal
Protein 8.8g
Dietary Fiber 10.1
Total Carbohydrate 76.8g
Total Fat 2.0g
MUFA & PUFA 1.6g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholestrol 0g
Sodium 291.3mg
Calcium 113mg

Jowar Flakes

Nutritive Information

Jowar Flakes

Energy 369.3 Kcal
Protein 8.8g
Dietary Fiber 7.8g
Total Carbohydrate 79.7g
Total Fat 1.7g
MUFA & PUFA 1.35g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholestrol 0g
Sodium 18.7mg
Calcium 96.8mg

Jowar Rawa

Nutritive Information

Jowar Idly/Upma Rava

Energy 363.1 Kcal
Protein 9.7g
Dietary Fiber 11.8g
Total Carbohydrate 73.2g
Total Fat 3.0g
MUFA & PUFA 2.7g
Trans Fat 0g
Cholestrol 0g
Sodium 12.4mg
Calcium 45mg

Jowar Kheer

Health Sutra - Jowar Kheer is an instant ready mix that lets you enjoy yummy kheer while giving you the goodness of Jowar in every bite. It can be prepared in 5 min in boiling water and will be available to you shortly.